IT System Update

IT System Update – Information for Patients

On Tuesday 9th November 2021, we will be moving to a new clinical computer system.

There will be many benefits that will not be immediately obvious to you as these are mainly clinical, but these changes will help us to improve the way we manage your care.
It is important that you read this very carefully. In preparation and during our transition, there will be some unavoidable changes to our services which you need to be aware of:

New Registrations

We will be unable to accept new registrations between Wednesday 3rd November – Tuesday 9th November. From Wednesday 10th November we will resume accepting new registrations onto our new system. Please note we will not be collecting forms prior to this date.

Prescription requests

We ask all patients to please refrain from requesting routine medication between Wednesday 3rd November – Tuesday 9th November. We will still be accepting all medically urgent prescription requests during this time.

Please note that during this period electronic prescribing will be disabled, which may result in you having to collect your prescription from the surgery.

Online Access

From Tuesday 9th November our current online system will be suspended, you will be contacted in due course once our new online system is up and running to advise you how to re-register for these services.

As we learn to adapt and become comfortable with our new clinical system, despite the training undertaken, we anticipate that we will not be able to operate at our usual speed. So we may have reduced appointment availability for approximately 2 weeks from Tuesday 9th November. We sincerely apologise in advance for any inconveniences caused.

Thank you for your patience and understanding with this project.

Hampton Wick Surgery